Our Portfolio

Yisakal’s portfolio displays a wide range of services, organizing various events throughout the United States, Canada, and Ethiopia.

Dedicated to all aspects of live contemporary performances the company from promoting and organizing responsible live concerts and festivals, corporate events and conferences, high-end fashion shows, international cultural shows to reviving the arts and cultural scene in Ethiopia also works towards promoting responsible media and design communications, and developing targeted marketing strategies. Yisakal’s record, the success and leadership position it has assumed in the current entertainment and promotion industry in Ethiopia, is demonstrative of its authentic approach.

The most notable local and international Artist and bands that Yisakal worked with:

Aster Aweke
Teddy Afro
Jah Lude
Alpha Blondy
Kuku Sebsibe
Alemayehu Eshete
Eyob Mekonnen
Gossaye Tesfaye
Johnny Ragga
Zeritu Kebede
Abdu Kiar
Michael Belayneh
Dawit Melese
Tsehaye Yohannes
Munit and Jörg
Haile Roots
Mahmud Ahmed
Tsegaye Eshetu
Abel Mulugeta
Habib Koyte (Mali)
Samuel Yirga
Mapei (Sweden)
Gnucci (Sweden)
Helen Berhe
Tsegaye Eshetu
Lexxus Legal (Congo)
Thomas Gylling (Sweden)
Jemimah Sanyu (Uganda)
Spoek Mathambo (South Africa)
Sarabi (Kenya)
Tadele Gemechu
Eden G/Selase
Asayehegn Alemu
Quanqawa Band
Girma Beyene
Bahta G/Hiwot
Ayele Mamo
and many more.

Some of Yisakal’s most notable events are:
•    Art Show and Exhibition: Ethiopian Soccer Tournament, Houston (2003)
•    The Other Side of Ethiopia: Exhibition, Vancouver (2004) and Washington DC (2004)
•    Journey to Lasta: Movie Premiere, Addis Ababa Hilton (2005)
•    Teddy Afro and Kuku Sebsibe in Concert, Los Angeles CA (2006)
•    Teddy Afro and Abdu Kiar in Concert, Washington DC (2006)
•    The First Annual Comedy Event, Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel (2007)
•    Annual Comedy Event,  Sheraton Addis Hotel (2008)
•    Teddy Afro “Egna Senewaded” Concert, Addis Ababa Ghion Hotel (2007)
•    Aster Aweke and Gossaye in Concert, Addis Ababa and Harar (2009)
•    East African Beauty Contest: Ethiopian Representatives Recruitment, (2009)
•    Finding Peace: Eyob Mekonnen, Zeritu Kebede & Johnny Ragga Nationwide Tour, Ethiopia (2010)
•    Eyob Mekonnen, US Tour (2010)
•    Tour and Concert for US Embassy (2010)
•    Selam Festival Addis - a festival that promotes cultural diversity and contribute to a self-sustainable infrastructure within the Cultural sphere in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa (2011)
•    Africa–India Summit, International Cultural Fusion Concert – Africa-India Summit in Ethiopia (2011)
•    Jah Lude “Deges” Concert, Laphto City Center, Addis Ababa (2012)
•    Jah Lude Worldwide Tour
•    Good Governance Mo Ibrahim Foundation Concert
•    Triangle Movie Premiere: Promotion and Event Production, Addis Ababa(2014)
•    Selam Music Festival Addis, Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa (2012)
•    “Yegna” Project Launching, National Theater, Addis Ababa (2013)
•    Yisakal Comedy Night, Sheraton Addis, Gaslight (2012-2013)
•    AMCE Road Safety Daily4Africa Event, Addis Ababa (2014)
•    The Launch of “ALLE”, Addis Ababa(2014)
•    Asayehegn “Ayu” Alemu CD Release, Addis Ababa (2014)
•    Selam Festival Addis, Tropical Gardens, Addis Ababa (2014)
•    Bob Marley Statue Inauguration Ceremony, Addis Ababa (2015)
•    Jazzy Thursdays, Monthly Event at Sheraton Gas Light (2014-2015)
•    World Class Percussionist Joca Perpignan Live at Jams Addis, Addis Ababa (2015)
•    Earth and Environment Day, Tropical Gardens, Addis Ababa (2015)

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