Jan 25

Shifta Fras: Ethio-Jamaican music sensation

A dynamic talent laced with a unique style, magnetic presence and rich cultural background, Shifta is an artist that cannot go unnoticed. Widely recognized and rated internationally for his lyrical versatility, intoxicating charisma, electrifying music videos and explosive performances, he has, for the last couple years, taken the music industry by storm.

Shifta’s inherent musical talent revealed itself at a very young age. Shifta’s father, Daddy Fras aka Piper of Piper Records, gave some of Jamaica’s most prevalent names, Reggie Stepper and Lady Saw, their first record cuts. With this vast exposure to these many great talents, Shifta gravitated to the local reggae/dancehall scene, continuing his love affair with the genre when he migrated to Miami. Shifta’s passion for music led him to begin writing and recording music with local producers and artists. His relentless pursuit attracted the attention of not only the grassroots dancehall cult following but the general market as well. While his outstanding leadership skills spawned the "Fras Krew", a group of individuals working together to create a portfolio of razor sharp talent with innovative business expertise.

Shifta has performed in numerous concerts and television programs throughout the United States and the Caribbean, while also touring in Europe, Asia, South America & Africa, where he has been eagerly embraced by thousands of fervent music lovers.

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