We have been organizing different festivals aimed at creating an opportunity for international and national music professionals to meet and collaborate through partners and associates in the action.

Selam Festival Addis is one of the festivals that Selam Ethiopia, in collaboration with our company Yisakal Entertainment, organizes every year with an aim of promoting the art forms and facilitate multicultural exposure for the local artists. This platform has been serving as a main market for the artists and also for the understanding of heritage in the present day context, thus bridging the gap between the life of the local artists and the international cultural mind set.

In its fourth year, Selam Festival Addis opened its 2015 most exceptional festival to a packed Floral Tropical Garden, in the heart of Addis Ababa. The two-day outdoor live concert brought a strong international artist line-up, full of soaring performances, vivacity and cultural exchange. Hyping up the audience, the festival eminently displayed its enthusiasm for advancing and celebrating the arts and culture, and rich musical tradition, mainly, sounds from Ethiopia and the rest of the African continent. On top of the outdoor live concerts with fantastic artists, the festival also featured film screenings, seminars, workshops, bazaar with merchandise and great food, DJ’s and after parties at local Addis venues.

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